Benchmarking Live Animal and Carcass Quality Outcomes at Slaughter to Identify Factors Impacting Bison Carcass Value

Lead Applicant: Lily Edwards-Callaway

Organization: Colorado State University

Abstract: The United States bison industry is growing both in size and popularity. Although consumers are attracted to the credence attributes of bison, it is also critical to quantify quality characteristics that impact its economic value. However, there is no quantitative data on live animal and carcass attributes that are important to ultimate bison product quality and value. Therefore, the objectives of this proposal are: 1) to understand stakeholder perceptions of needs and challenges related to bison quality, 2) to benchmark live animal and carcass quality outcomes related to animal well-being and carcass value of bison at slaughter and; 3) to identify factors that impact carcass value. This project will include a survey of industry stakeholders as well as antemortem and postmortem data collection at a processing facility. This project will be an invaluable tool as the bison industry embarks on a progressive future of growth and development.

Funding: $89,721 over 2 years


Posted on

August 24, 2021

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