Bison on the move: how translocations affect bison production across space, time, and organization.

Lead Applicant:  Jameson Brennan

Organization:  South Dakota State University

Abstract:  Expanding bison production and conservation in the 21st century relies on establishing new herds across the country by safely translocating bison to these localities. Translocating bison within various sectors of public, tribal, NGO, and private operations is essential for bison conservation, improving genetics, and production; however, since the 1960s commercial bison production and bison conservation has experienced challenges in translocating animals due to disease risks and exposure to novel environments. Especially of concern is the movement of bison across large geographic areas and environmental gradients which can result in high rates of morbidity and mortality, reduced animal performance and reproductive output, and disease introductions into new locations, with far-reaching implications for multiple livestock stakeholders. Thus, there is a critical need to determine the impact of translocation on animal health across environmental gradients and develop tools to help producers mitigate the effects of translocation on bison health.

Funding:  $195,599 over 3 years


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August 24, 2021

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